Why Are You Hiding Behind Your Story? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t. Step Out into Your Story Leadership

Now I know that most of you have gotten to know me from my cultural journey – more specifically, my American-Israeli Story on the “About Me” page. But truthfully, there’s another simpler more mundane Story I have managed to hide.

I don’t know how you would react in my situation as a young child, but now I think I understand whyI haven’t gotten the results I wanted growing up and even as I transition. My desires are clear, but I have managed to hide my child and adult self in my body.

I still sometimes hide myself in my clothes, with the topics I chose to write about, how I choose to express myself as a Leader…

It begins with this Story….


I could never understand why my Mom, an accomplished classical pianist who had played for world ambassadors and worked with such master teachers like the great Arthur Rubinstein and the virtuoso Arminda Canteros would shy away from people in our artist building known as Westbeth.

Day in and out, she would streak her exquisite face with lots of Clinique makeup, put on these huge shades that covered her entire face and walk out the door. Her “hellos” were inaudible and once we were outside, she would quickly cross to the other side of the street so she wouldn’t come into contact with anybody.


She was absolutely I-N-C-O-G-N-I-TO. Unrecognizeable to myself and for sure, others around me. (I often wondered what others felt and thought about my mom …)

I would always ask her “why didn’t she want to stay on Bethune street where most people walked?” but having learning to live with the silence, I soon gave up asking and just followed her lead.

There have been many times that I have found myself creeping into my dear mother’s shoes – avoiding eye contact and not welcoming the world with a big hearty hello – in short, stepping into what makes me a true leader.

I never thought of it until now. But the more I transition into my Story shoes, the more painful this memory becomes.

My mother wanted to fulfill her dream as a concert pianist. Her music was her Story, but she didn’t want anybody else to know anything else about her, it seems.

And my question is.. “WHY?”

When people know that you have this wonderful beautiful gem of a Story, you light up for them like a Christmas tree. You begin to rock their world!

When you shut yourself out, you shut your Story out, and people won’t even know just HOW your Story can even begin to help, heal and serve them!

Here, in the small town of Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, I’ve learned though that if I don’t step out as a leader, my Story may never get out to the World let alone heal the neighbor down the street.

You hold the “golden key.” If you consciously choose to hide yourself behind your Story, you may never experience what it feels like to help, heal and serve others…and I think of this well-known saying from the Ulpana Shads (I hope the spelling is correct.)

You are your deepest driving desire.

As is your desire, so is your will.

As is your will, so is your deed.

As is your deed, so is your DESTINY.


Your desire can be your destiny.

Your desires can BE Your Destiny.


That is incredibly P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L.

So now, I’m thinking that while I didn’t have much of a role model growing up, today, I don’t need to behave like my mom as if my whole life depends on her.

So what in your life are you willing to let go?

What are you willing to try?


I would like to share with you some great free gifts!

I invite you all to listen to the Mp3 – “Stepping into your Authentic Voice of your Story” which you can find at the right hand side bar of this home page and when you listen to it, you will automatically receive an ezine with free tips on how you can transform your life and business in Story.

AND, for a limited time only, I’m offering a 30 minute free Story strategy session to help you set your intention and give voice to the Story you have been waiting for years to share with the world.


Simply shoot me an email at: sassondorit@gmail.com and I’ll contact you with our next steps.




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  1. susan b says

    Your story is an encouragement. Thanks for sharing the bit about following in your mom’s footsteps and learning to “hide” your Self. Sounds like your mom and mine are also of the same generation. And somehow we learned the same lessons from our moms — whether that is what they intended us to learn or not.

    • says

      I’m so glad that my Story offered a window of opportunity for both of us to see our moms. We will always be connected to our moms thorugh the power of Story. Thank you so much for your comment, Susan.

    • says

      Susan: Your comment means so much to me. I am glad that I was able to encourage you on your journey. Here’s to our transformation.

  2. Arvella Edwards says

    It’s interesting that you choose to write Why Are You Hiding Behing Your Story. It’s something that I’m developing myself, stories from my childhood. I am a mixed race person and lived with 9 other children, in foster care, and I am bursting to tell the stories. As a child growing up I never thought that I had any stories to tell but now as an adult I think those are the best stories ever and I want to share them with the world. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Best of luck with everything.

    • says

      Arvella: I am so glad to see you here and so glad I was able to encourage you even if just a little. I am so glad that you shared in your own way, your voice of your Story. Isn’t it amazing that our generation was not encouraged to think that we had something to share? You are officially a “milestone setter” and have lived life long enough, so I am so glad to hear that you are finally giving yourself to let those Stories fly out into the world. Good for you!

  3. says

    Hi Dorit-
    We haven’t “met” as I’m new here. This is a powerful post. I recently wrote an article about an event from my past, and I sat with tears streaming down my face as I wrote. I must say, I was surprised! Where did that come from?! It is off to Better Homes & Gardens for their Blessings page. A blessing in disguise. Wish me luck!

    • says

      Hi, Kelly,
      Of course I wish you the very best of luck and you know what that means? If you were crying during, you reached a certain revealtion and depth of clarity that you had never experienced before. You were being transformed at that moment and your writing was a platform. I can’t wait to hear the outcome and what else is happening for you. Do keep me posted. I am feeling good vibrations for you!
      xoxo Dorit

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